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Turkish Airlines (Star Alliance) Domestic CIP Lounge

Turkish Airlines Domestic CIP Lounde in Istanbul


Ataturk Airport, one of the busiest airports in the world, has award-winning CIP lounges both at domestic and international airports. We will give information about Turkish Airlines Domestic CIP lounge.

Where is THY Domestic Flights CIP Lounge?

The domestic line CIP room is not found in the domestic lines departing terminal from the first consideration. The location of the hall is independent of the terminal main entrances. Once you arrive at the airport with your car, you can reach it from an ongoing road on the right side. At the entrance of the airport you can also see the information about the Domestic CIP Hall with a sign.

You can reach the lounge gate with your car. You can use Port Valet (Garanti Bank agreement) or TAV Valet service in front of the door. You can also walk to the CIP Hall of the Domestic Line by leaving your car in the parking lot, which is just around the corner.

Who can use the Domestic Flights THY CIP Lounge?

At the entrance of the hall you will find check-in tables for THY officials. You can check in within short time and switch to the Business Class Room on the right or the First Class Room on the left. You do not have to wait in line at the entrance of the hall.

THY CIP Lounges can be used by First Class and Business Class passengers. THY Classic Plus / Elite Card or Elite Plus Card holders are entitled to entry. Turkish Airlines is a member of the Star Alliance group. Passengers flying with a Star Alliance airline and Gold Card cardholders can benefit from the hall.

What are the facilities of Domestic Flights THY CIP Lounge?

Turkish Airlines Domestic CIP Lounge offers services such as wireless internet connection, daily / weekly newspapers, magazines and library. There is also a dining area consisting of mosque, shower and catering.

Snacks such as breakfast cheeses, olives, tomatoes and pretzels are usually served in the morning, along with a variety of soups and cookies. Similar products are available at other hours of the day.

Televisions are available in many locations to spend time at Hall. You can also play games on the billiards table and wait for your flight time.

Very modern seats are chosen in the lounge design. The lounge, where you can spend time in a spacious environment, is trying to keep comfort as much as possible.

How to get to the plane at THY Domestic Flights CIP Lounge?

You can follow your flight time on the Saloon screens. However, about 20 minutes before the departure time of the passenger plane, the announcement calls the gate at the exit. With the airport vehicles coming here, you are taken to the door of the plane.

What are the advantages of THY Domestic Flights CIP Lounge?

The most important advantage of the lounge is time. In a very short time, check-in and security can be completed without waiting. Although we do not advise you to stay in the last minute, even if you come to the saloon 30 minutes before the plane departure, you are likely to catch the plane.

Unprecedented comfort is the possibility of waiting for airplanes, resting and enjoying the pleasures of the airplane without interfering with the density of the airports.


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